Thunder Hills Hunting Guides & Staff

Elmer Henderson, Professional Guide and Outfitter

This is the gentleman you meet at the sport shows when you book your hunts. He is the same person who oversees the "family guides", takes you to your tree stands, answers your questions, brings out and field dress's your harvested animal. Al is currently on the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association and is a member of other wildlife organizations. He is a dedicated Conservationist,a student of modern wild life Big game Management and a teacher with lifelong "in the field" experience. Big game trophy hunting is his only business, which means dedication to you and the outfitting business.


Mark Henderson, Son, Guide, and Co-owner

Mark has 35+ years of hunting and guiding experience. Mark is a Nationally accredited Big Game Hunting Guide, the time spent to further his education shows in the professionalism he brings to outfitting and enhances the hunting experience of the clients. The camp motto of "you are only as good as your last year" Mark subscribes to. Last fall, Mark and Barry bought out another outfitter next to the current family operation. The success of their client's now becomes "their" success as they both have a vested interest in the outfitting.


Barry Henderson, Son, Guide and Co-owner

Barry has 35+ years of hunting bear, elk, deer, moose and geese under the watchful eye of "Al". Barry excels with his knowledge of the land and his enthusiasm for helping hunters harvest a trophy of a lifetime. Get Barry talking about hunting and you will be in for a treat as his passion is impossible avoid.


Logan Henderson, Grandson and Assistant Guide

As a son of Mark, Logan has grown up hunting. His passion and knowledge of hunting big game has grown with experience. You can find Logan helping out guiding with his Grandpa, Uncle Barry and his Father.