"I want to thank you and take a moment to express what a great time John and I had on our bear hunting trip. It wasn’t a good trip, it was a great trip! I hope you will display this in your booth at the sportsmen shows to inform other potential clients what a first rate operation you run.

I’ve been on enough “Wild Goose Chases’”with other outfitters to know that you are “The Real Thing”. Not only is Thunder Hills Outfitters professional, courteous and meticulous to every detail, they are also good people. Today, you find so many fly-by-night outfitters that are in it for the money and don’t give a shit about the client after they receive your money. The total opposite occurs at Thunder Hills Outfitters. They give you 110% to meet you expectations. The guides are professional and knowledgeable. They do everything in their power to make sure your trip is successful and enjoyable.

I’m by far, not a wealthy person and I work extremely hard for my money. However, I strongly suggest to other hunters that they pass up on the cheaper and more than likely “Wild Goose Chase” that I have personally been on and spend a little modem obey for “The Real Thing” where you can expect quality animals and professional staff like those that I’ve found when I went hunting with Thunder Hills Outfitters. This could mean going on a trip every couple years instead of every year, but your success and enjoyment will be much greater. There will also be no comparison in the quality of the hunt and the trophy you harvest."

Gregory James R.