"I want to thank you and take a moment to express what a great time John and I had on our bear hunting trip. It wasn’t a good trip, it was a great trip! I hope you will display this in your booth at the sportsmen shows to inform other potential clients what a first rate operation you run.

"As I approach the eve of my dear hunt with you, I can’t help but reflect back on the first night in bear camp. You, Mark, Tom, Jeff and I were sitting around the dinner table discussing the up and coming bear hunt, our expectations, and why we were there. I recall you making mention of how hunters come up looking to and expecting to bag a bear and having that thought and nothing else on their mind. But as you put it they were missing the boat. You had mentioned that getting out and being able to do an adventure like this, whether it be bear or deer hunting, harvesting a trophy animal is only part of it—a bonus, so-to-speak. The memories, the camaraderie, and the fun of being there are what it is all about. No truer words have ever been spoken and I experienced this first hand. While the other three hunters went home with a bear, I went home the real trophy. Nobody can ever take away my experience. Although I don’t have a bear to hang on the wall, I have my trophy forever in my memories. I thank you for this. I want you to feel free to give my name and phone number to any perspective hunters who are looking for a great adventure with you in bear camp. No greater compliment can come from a hunter who came home empty handed and not empty minded. Can’t wait to see you on November the 3rd."

Joe C.