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Outfitting Lodge Accomodations

The lodge is located in an area that is fringe land... where the forest and fields meet. The beautiful Porcupine Hills provide a back drop to the lodge. 3600 square feet of carpeted comfort and spacious living with all the comforts of home. Eight bedrooms upstairs, two full bathrooms, spacious sitting area around the fireplace to visit about the day's hunt and tell a few tall tales. A fully modern kitchen is where Val (cookie) prepares your meals. A large oak table in the dining room awaits your presence for the "home-cooked" meals. Don't plan on losing weight while at the lodge. Cookie's meals and desserts will have you anticipating the end of the day as much as the start. All the modern day conveniences of power and water combined with a wood stove keeps everyone toasty warm and comfortable after the days hunt.

Limited number of fall bear hunts are staged from here as well. The majority of our deer hunting originates here in November. If you are looking for monster Saskatchewan Bucks and/or Bruiser Bruins combined with goose hunting with the pristine fringe land setting check out the lodge!