Black Bear Hunting in Canada

Black Bear Hunting in Canada

Suddenly he is there. Where did he come from? He was so silent, nothing was heard! A Saskatchewan bear hunt is an exciting experience and a life long memory. The sunny spring days spent in the wilderness awaiting the arrival of hungry but wary black bear imprints pictures that stay in your memory for years to come.

You will be hunting in the wilderness area with some old log out dating to the 60's. This is where black bears grow to prime maturity with Boone & Crockett skulls ranging from 17 to 22 inches as the norm.

Feeding stations are set out beginning around April 15th and once the bears begin feeding the stations are replenished with 5 gallons of bear gourmet food every other day.

You will be hunting from a tree stand, approximately 12 - 15 feet in the air with the feeding station around 50 - 60 yards away for rifle hunters and 12 - 20 yards away for bow hunters. The station will have had large bear activity for at least 2 weeks before you arrive. Transportation to your tree stand will be by ATV. Stations are about 5 miles apart to prevent overlap of the bears. You will be in your stand from about 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm as this has proven to be the best times.

The bears in the area are aggressive, with all coloration present. This is the best indication there has not been over-harvesting.