Bear Equipment Recommendations

We are pleased that you have chosen us to be your hosts for your bear hunt and would like to welcome you to a “Saskatchewan Wilderness Experience”. We are looking forward to hunting with you, sharing a few laughs, and making your trip successful and memorable occasion.

In northern Saskatchewan we have been blessed with warm sunny days, cool evenings and enough rain to make our forests lush and green. Therefore please bring clothing so that you will be comfortable no matter what the weather. Hunting regulations stipulate that, while hunting, you must wear a complete outer covering in red, white or yellow with a red hat. If you cannot find red coveralls, let us know and we can purchase them for you. We have encountered some problems with rain gear so we are recommending gear with a nylon backing. It seems these stand up to riding ATV’s and climbing tree stands etc. These should cost approximately $20 to $25 through Cabelas catalogue. (We recommend the yellow, as it doesn’t stand out as bad as the red.) A bug-off suit is a good investment to bring along, as there are bugs & mosquitoes out. For your feet you will need a pair of slippers or runners for around camp and in case of wet weather a pair of insulpaks. These leave no scent going to and from the hunting area and your feet will stay warm and dry.

You will not need meat saws, axes, skinning knives, etc. as we have an ample supply in camp. Please bring your own sleeping bag. A pillow is supplied. Also DON”T forget your camera with plenty of film. A list of personal supplies would include towels, razor, etc.

Remember 24 cal. Is the minimum for rifle hunters. We will send further info on gun registration is it becomes necessary.

When making your travel plans arrange to arrive in Saskatoon by Sunday noon. You will be met at the airport on Sunday or picked up at your hotel and transported to our camp for an enjoyable week. We will have you back in Saskatoon on Saturday afternoon to catch your flight home.

Uniglobe Travel has very good rates using North West Airlines (1-800-565-6562, ask for Lorene). Should it be necessary for you to say overnight we recommend the Heritage Inn (1-888-888-4374, ask for Saskatoon). Be sure to ask for the outfitters rate and save a few dollars. If you are driving, your vehicle can be safely parked at our home.

You will be hunting in tree stands 14 feet off of the ground. So have a comfortable safety strap as warm sunny afternoons make for sleepy hunters. A knapsack for carrying cameras, lunch, etc. is most helpful, along with a light nylon rope with a snap for raising and lowering your rifle.

You will find enclosed a hunting regulations booklet, please read it over.

We will arrange for all permits etc. necessary for the export of your game.

Your health and safety are our utmost concern and we have only one regulation that before and when out hunting, there is to be no consumption of alcohol as gunpowder, ATV gas and alcohol do not mix! However, when hunting is over, enjoy a relaxer around the fire if you wish. Soda and alcohol may be purchased on the way to camp.

We appreciate that this may not answer all your questions or concerns, so please feel free to call, e-mail or fax us any time. We will be in the USA from Jan 15 th to April 1, so if at times our response is a little slow, please BEAR with us!