Deer Equipment Recommendations

Seasons have come and gone and we begin to wonder where did the time go as once again our thoughts go to our Deer hunting season: meeting old friends & making new ones; making memories that are not soon forgotten.

We have been busy developing more tree stands and opening up new areas for 2005. I am sure that there are many questions, but shall try to answer most through this letter. You are well aware that keeping warm is our greatest problem – so what to wear:

  • The best underwear you can get – minimum is expedition weight Thermax.
  • On your feet, wool socks (a light pair next to your skin, then heavier over top) snowmobile boots (plenty big and good quality).
  • For your hands, leather mitts with wool liners. NOT gloves! Hot shots in each mitt work very well (minimum of 2 hot shots per day). We are also finding that a muff around your waist works well using hotshots.
  • On your head, red or blaze orange winter caps with earflaps (like Cabala’s Woodsman caps) or a balaclava, but it must be windproof.
  • Clothes layered and topped with a wool shirt and warm pants.
  • Over top of these clothes goes red or white coveralls, Make them plenty big so you may add more clothes. We can get red insulated coveralls just let us know 60 days in advance of your hunt.
  • Bring a light sleeping bag, we supply the pillow.
  • You will need a safety belt, as tree stands are 14 ft. or more, a light nylon rope with a snap (to raise and lower you gun and knapsack) & a good collapsible shooting stick.
  • A GOOD knapsack to put lunch & your extra clothes in if you have to walk a distance to your stand. Also bring a good thermos (we supply hot tea, coffee or soup for lunch).
  • Personal needs: razor, TOWELS, etc and slippers and sweats for around camp.
  • Camera and plenty of film.
  • We have been using a bag called a “cocoon”. It is big and bulky, but as of now is the ultimate in keeping you warm. We can have them in camp if you wish to purchase one, but it must be ordered by Oct. 1. Please call Barry if you want to order one. Phone 306-493-8170.
  • Now travel plans. Uniglobe Saskatoon has very good rates using Northwest Airlines or Air Canada. Their number is 1-800-565-6562 and asks for Lorene. If there are 2 or more hunters coming, it seems cost wise to save by driving from Winnipeg, MB to the lodge. We will be happy to put you in touch with the group who is coming hunting in your week. Please plan your time to arrive at the Lodge AFTER 3 PM, so that we can have everything ready and waiting for you. Allow 5 hours driving from Winnipeg. We will send you a map marked out from Winnipeg to the lodge. Of if you prefer, you may fly from Winnipeg to Swan River, MB by Keystone Air. We will pick you up at the airport in Swan River. Please make arrangements to stay in Swan River on Saturday night if your flight leaves on Sunday for Winnipeg.
  • Licenses are purchased prior to your arrival.
  • No handguns! Customs can confiscate them. The forms necessary for firearm entry into Canada will be forwarded to you in your August package.
  • Hunting knives, saws, ropes, etc. are not necessary as we have an ample supply in camp.
  • If you are planning on taking home venison, maybe you should consider the new insulated meat packs. We have a heated cutting room for you.
  • If you wish us to purchase your beer, alcohol or soda prior to y our arrival, please let us know.
  • If you have had a previous D.U.I. in the U.S., as us about clearing Canadian customs.
  • If you have any Medical conditions we should know about such as allergies or special diet, please let us know.
  • Please keep us up dated on address & telephone changes as well as your fax # and e-mail address.

We have found that our clients, if dressed properly, can handle -25 ° F temperatures. Your hands and feet are the most important to look after. Your health and safety are our utmost concern. We have one regulation only - no consumption of alcohol before and when actually hunting. ATV’s, gas, gunpowder & alcohol do not mix! However, after the hunting is over, enjoy a relaxer around the fire if you wish.

We appreciate that this may not answer all of your questions, so please feel free to call, write or fax us anytime. From August to December the lodge number is 306-595-4669.